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Privacy Policy

Last Update April 2018

Welcome to our Privacy Policy. Please check also our T&Cs.

2.1. Privowny Beta Privacy Policy presentation

Privowny is a data controller, as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the website, the Privowny Beta extension and the Privowny Beta application.

2.2. Data collection

2.2.1. On the website

By visiting our website, we automatically collect the IP addresses of every systems that connect to our servers, so be aware that we will collect your IP address. We may use it for log analysis and audience measurement, but only for our own purposes.

2.2.2. On the Chrome and Firefox Extension

By downloading and creating your account, you are required for our Service to work to give us the right to collect your email address and your account password. However, we don’t store the master password.

By using the Privowny beta product, which includes by default a data collection process, all type of data is collected and stored on our platform hosted by OVH in the European Union. You are free to choose what kind of data you want on your Privowny Beta account (right to have access, to erase, to portability): - We do not have access to your encrypted data. By default, all passwords collected by the system are encrypted, but you can chose to encrypt any data - You can delete the data stored whenever you want

You can always download (export) your data from your Privowny Beta account. Please go on “My account” to have more information about this feature.

2.2.3. On the Android Application

The use of the Service on the Android application may require, if activated the creation of “application usage” records, only accessible via the application.

2.3. Cookies

Privowny uses web analytics cookies (Matomo) only to better understand the use of its Website and to improve its service and usability. We do not use analytics cookies for any other purpose. Privowny does not use so-called “tracking cookies” that follow your browsing activity across the internet without you having explicitly agreed to it. We also collect technical information (crash logs, usage statistics) about our client applications. Those data are anonymized and do not leave our premises.

2.4 Personal data transfer outside of the European Union

There is currently no transfer of Personal data outside of the European Union assuming the Service is accessed from within the European Union. Data transferred between you and the Service is always encrypted.

2.4. Third parties

We use the services of data processors who are within the European Union and therefore committed to apply the GDPR. We pay attention for choosing data processors who are GDPR compliant.

2.5. Right to information & to complain

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us via the “Feedback page” on the “My account” setting, or by calling our Data Protection Officer on +33756824550. In case of dispute, you have the right to fill a complaint to your country of residence’s European Data Protection Agency. If you are not a European citizen, you have the right to complain to the French Data protection agency (CNIL). Here are listed all the European Data protection agencies and how to join them :

2.6. Security

Privowny’s staff cannot decrypt any encrypted data, only end-users can. Even with brute force and quantum computation, by design, keys cannot be reconstructed nor decrypted in reasonable time span.

Privowny uses state of the art technologies to always provide the highest possible security level and techniques in order to safeguard your personal data, including asymetric RSA encryption.