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3.1. US Contact

Privowny, Inc. is a Delaware company. Privowny, Inc. registered office is VCorp Services LLC, 1811 Silverside Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19810, in the county of New Castle. Registration number: 4822728.

379 Lytton Avenue
Palo Alto
CA 94301-1479
United States of America.
Privowny, Inc. is represented by its CEO, Hervé Le Jouan.

3.2. FR Contact

Privowny, Inc. has a French subsidiary, Privowny France SAS.

Privowny France SAS
Europarc Pichaury Bâtiment B4
1330 avenue JRGG de la Lauzière
13290 Aix-en-Provence
Phone number: +33756824550

3.3. Our cloud services and hosting platform

2 rue Kellerman
59100 Roubaix