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Privowny Personal Data Assistant (Privowny - PDA)

Our pledge

  • We do not share nor sell your data
  • We use state of the art encryption technology and carefully monitor and implement any improvement
  • Your passwords are encrypted by default but you can encrypt any data
  • YOU AND ONLY YOU can decrypt encrypted data - WE as Privowny CANNOT decrypt your data
Where can I use PDA?
PDA is available on Chrome 60+, Firefox 57+ and soon available on Edge. PDA is also available on Android 5.1+ (Lollipop and above) on any device.
How can I download PDA?
Go to and hit the download button. If you are on an Android device, click on the “Google Play button”.
Do I need to login to activate PDA?
Yes. You need to be logged in on both PDA extension on your browser(s) and/or on your PDA Mobile Android application.
How can I see if PDA is active?
  • On your browser : if the PDA extension icon is gray, then it means that it is not active. Click on it, sign in and the icon will turn orange which indicates that it is active.
  • On your Android device, just open the application. If it asks you to sign in or register, then do either one and after signing in, your application will be active.
Can I use one PDA Account on multiple devices (eg mobile phone and laptop)?
Yes. You can install and use PDA on multiple devices and browsers using your account. Your account and data get synchronized on all devices. You will then be protected everywhere.
How to remove the PDA bar?
1 - Click on the upper right corner PDA icon on your browser
2 - Click on the Settings
3 - Click on the “Bar” option and select “Hide the bar”
How to move the PDA bar?
Click and hold the top left corner of the bar and drag it to the preferred location. Note that PDA will remember the location you set per website.
What is Privowny Keyboard and why should I use it? (Only on Mobile)
The Privowny Keyboard is a standard Android keyboard with added widgets on top of it. As you are logged in, these widgets let you access directly your PDA account and will assist you whenever possible. Typically, Privowny Keyboard will help you retrieve account information you have on websites or for applications and save for you credentials you input as you log in onto websites and applications. Also, it will assist you during registration by allowing you to generate an account (an email alias and a strong password) or generate separately an email alias and a password.
What shall I do if I have forgotten my PDA account password?
Click on the PDA icon in your browser, then click LOGIN and you will see a dialog window which shows a “Forgot password?” link. Just click on it and follow the instructions. Same logic applies for the PDA mobile application.
Does PDA store my Master Password?
No. Your Master Password is not stored anywhere.
Why should my Master Password be different from my password to login to my PDA?
Yes. For security reason. If your password falls in hands of somebody else, all your encrypted data, including your Internet accounts passwords will be still protected as your Master Password is different.
What shall I do if I have forgotten my Master Password?
Go to “My account”, then select “Forgot Master password” and follow the instructions. Even if you lost your Master Password, you will still have access to non-encrypted data. However, you will lose encrypted one.
Will my data ever be deleted due to inactivity?
If you are not active for a period of three years (as per EU regulation) we will delete your account. A reminder email will be sent to your primary email address first. If you don’t act, then the system will automatically delete your account and all your data permanently. You will then receive a confirmation email that your account has been deleted.
About PDA Password Manager
Password Manager supports the secure storage of website and mobile app login credentials. In addition, it allows for the generation of strong passwords that enhance a user’s online security. All passwords are encrypted using the best standards and solely accessible by users using a unique Master Password only known by them.
Why should I use PDA Password Manager instead of Chrome or Firefox Password managers?
If you use Chrome or Firefox password managers, your passwords are stored locally, and you need to stick to one of those browsers to retrieve your passwords. It won’t work as you are using mobile applications or a different browser than the one you usually use. With PDA, whatever the browser (Chrome/Firefox) and device is, you will always be able to access and retrieve your passwords. Also, none of these browsers passwords managers allow you to generate strong passwords as you register on websites and applications, which PDA Password Manager does.
Why should I use PDA Password Manager?
You probably have many accounts on online websites and like many people you may either use the same or similar password everywhere and if not, you may have forgotten some already. Having a too simple passwords and re-using them across websites is like giving the keys to your personal data as many of these websites are breached by not paying sufficient attention to security.

PDA Password Manager helps your manage hundreds of password that you can securely access anywhere from any device. It also helps you generate strong and unique passwords that cannot be guessed when websites are breached. PDA Password Manager lets you conveniently access your credentials while browsing or in apps using the PDA Keyboard.
Can I import my passwords and accounts from another Password Manager into PDA?
Yes. You can import your accounts from LastPass or Dashlane. You need to go on or access “My account” from your PDA browser extension. Then select the “Import passwords” option on the left menu and follow the process.
Can I have multiple credentials for the same website?
Yes. PDA’s Password Manager lets you create as many as account as you want per company website. You can do it manually but PDA on browser or with the Android Keyboard will automatically save them for you. At the time you need them, PDA will show you the list of credentials you can use on a specific destination and signing in will be as simple as selecting the account you want to use.
Does PDA store my websites’ credentials?
Yes. As you sign in websites and mobile applications, PDA automatically encrypts and stores your credentials and notifies you. You will be able to access this data onto PDA Password Manager from any device (PC or mobile or tablet).
About PDA Alias@ Manager
Alias@ Manager enables the generation of anonymized email addresses when users register on websites or Mobile Apps. These addresses protect users’ actual email addresses, mitigate SPAM, and mitigate the risks of exposure and theft in case of data breaches.
What is an alias@ email address?
As you subscribe to services, newsletters and any other service that requires an email, you can use the Alias@ Manager to generae for you a unique email address assigned to you for the service you are subscribing to. Whenever the service sends you emails, it will use your alias and PDA will forward these emails to your primary email address. The benefits are manyfold; you never share your primary email address when you generate an alias.
Does Privowny read and store emails sent to alias@ email addresses?
No. We do not store them, just forward them to your primary email address.
Where do emails sent to an active alias@ go?
Privowny forwards them to your primary email address left when you registered. You can open PDA Alias@ and verify.
Where do emails sent to a blocked/deleted alias@ go?
As you delete or block an alias, all emails sent to it are destroyed/ignored. Note that to avoid further spam, no response is sent back to the sender. You may want to contact potential senders to update your email if needed.
Can I reply to an email that has been sent to one of my alias email addresses from the same alias?
No. For now, if you reply to an email sent to your alias email address, it will disclose your primary email address.
If I suspend receiving an alias email does this opt-me out of the email service?
No. You will not receive any email from this service, but you will still be in its database. We do not unsubscribe you.
About PDA Tracker Manager
Tracker Manager helps users identify and control advertising, analytics, social and behavioral tracking scripts, which eliminates unwanted advertising, monitoring, and can fend off malware, including crypto currency miners. Last but not least, it improves their browsing experience from a speed/performance perspective as well as an overall usability, so their level of satisfaction.
What is a tracker?
A “tracker” is as category of cookie that calls external third parties programs. Trackers can be used for a variety of reasons :
- to help remember your preferences or intentions on a site or an app
- to understand how you and other users are using a site or an app
- for logging onto a service or to make sure you’re logged in securely.

The trackers that appear to be the most controversial are the ones tracking your preferences, intentions and searches to serve you targeted advertising on websites as you surf.

When we surf, we are monitored by “programs” we don’t see and are not aware of. PDA shows you this hidden activity. And beyond than showing you trackers, PDA lets you understand who they are and block them.

We have categorized for you the type of trackers websites are using. You may decide, by tracker or category, to block or unblock them.

On both Web and mobile, blocking trackers not only protects one’s privacy but it also noticeably improves the browsing experience as pages load and display faster. Even more appreciable, on mobile, blocking trackers will spare a ton of unnecessary cellular bandwidth consumption and could significantly reduce your bill.
I’ve blocked all advertising trackers, why am I still seeing ads on some pages?
PDA may have whitelisted some trackers as blocking them would affect your browsing experience significantly or PDA may have missed some. Don’t hesitate to send us a feedback through the extension or mobile app so that we can improve our service.
Why doesn’t a website display correctly when I access it?
Try to reload the page. If the problem persists, open the Trackers Manager and switch the toggle Off for this website to allow trackers to run. Reload the page, it should work. We would appreciate you send us a feedback mentioning the name of the website and the context through the extension or mobile app so that we can improve our service.
I turned off my tracker popup and now I can’t figure out how to turn it back on
Open the tracker window and select the “Show this window automatically when visiting a website” option.
About PDA Data Manager
Data Manager automatically captures the trail of personal information left on websites. It offers users some visibility and control over their digital footprint and allows for editing and trimming such data to tailor the amount and consistency in data sharing.
Can I stop the collection of data for a website?
Yes. You can stop collecting data on any website by clicking on Data Manager icon within the bar (blue one) then switch off the data collection for this website. Alternatively, you can click on the PDA icon at of the upper right corner of your browser and select the same option into the Data Manager section.
What happens if I stop data collection for a website? Will my PDA stop automatically the collection of my credentials into my Password Manager as well?
Yes. However, we won’t delete any data previously collected. You will need to delete it manually if you want it.
Can I delete some or all the data stored in the Data Manager by PDA?
1- Open the Data Manager
2 - Select the Data you want to delete
3 - Click on the Trash icon
4 - Enter your Master Password and confirm
Can I use my PDA as a wallet?
1- Open the Data Manager
2 - Click on the “+” icon
4 - Enter a company/topic name (such as Personal Wallet)
5 - Enter a label (such as “Access TV code”)
6 - Enter a value (such as “1234”)
7 - Save it
8 - If this data is sensitive, you can then select it and encrypt it
About PDA Dashbaord
Insights Dashboard is a personalized analytics interface that displays the respective insights on personal information usage. It reports on the types of data shared or left on websites, with an analysis of behaviors, interests, habits, online and mobile usage.
Why an Interest Profile Dashboard?
As soon as you start surfing with your browser, it and websites/trackers collect data about you. Typically, most of the browsers record at least the past 7 days of your browsing activity, your downloads, as well as your searches and what you have left on forms. In addition, trackers collect your browsing activity, your purchase intentions, etc… So, the Internet profile dashboard is a first step to help you to understand what the Internet knows about you. With your PDA, you can now start to build your online interest profile which could turn into value in the future.
Why do I need a Master Password as I have already set a password at registration time?
Your login password lets you get in your account. Your MASTER PASSWORD lets you decrypt data PDA has encrypted for you. As you can tell, these are two distinct functions. So, if someone steals your session password, they still cannot decrypt your data. As PDA never stores your Master Password, only YOU can decrypt your data.
How secure is PPDA?
As you use PDA extension or PDA Mobile App :

1 - You need to be logged in to access any feature and/or data

2 - All encrypted and unencrypted data is transported over TLS (and HTTPS from browsers) which means that it is encrypted and non readable over the network

3 - Your account and associated data are stored into a cloud platform securely architected and protected by various levels of defense including state of the art firewalls. This platform and all its components have been audited and validated by a global security firm.

4 - Your Master Password is not stored anywhere on our platform

5 - For encrypting your data, PDA uses a process based on the highest security standards and algorithms (RSA-public key/private key pair, SHA, AES, PBKDF2, …) so that you can protect the data you want from being accessed and seen by anybody else but you. The two tenants of our privacy protection are :
- Your encrypted data always remains unreadable in our database so the information is useless to us and anyone who would be able to access this data
- You are the only person who can see the value of your encrypted data.

6 - All your internet accounts’ passwords are automatically encrypted as they are collected and stored into your PDA account

7 - Any encrypted data, such as your accounts passwords, can only be decrypted and accessed by you with your MASTER PASSWORD

8 - You can elect to encrypt any data
Where is my data stored?
Your data is safely stored in a private cloud on AWS Ireland (Europe).
How can I log out from all my sessions?
1 - You have to go onto from any browser on any device and log in, or click on the upper right corner PDA icon, then on your username and then select “My account” option.

2 - On the “My account” page, select “Log out from sessions” option on the left menu and follow the process.
Remember PDA does not store your MASTER PASSWORD and passwords are encrypted. Even if it takes you some time to log out from your sessions, none of your passwords are accessibles and your account is protected.
I have lost my mobile phone or my PC/MAC has been stolen. What shall I do?
1 - You have to go to from any browser on any device and log in, or click on the upper right corner PDA icon, then on your username and then select “My account” option.

2 - On the “My account” page, select “Log out from sessions” option on the left menu and follow the process.
Remember PDA does not store your MASTER PASSWORD and passwords are encrypted. Even if it takes you some time to log out from your sessions, none of your passwords are accessibles and your account is protected.
Why am I signed out of PDA from time to time?
For your better security, your session, when inactive, will simply time out. Also, if you keep an active session for too long, PDA will also disconnect you. You simply have to sign in again. Your PDA on your browser and your mobile behaves the same.
What does GDPR mean?
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.
Is PDA GDPR compliant?
PDA is in conformity with GDPR regulations. You have the full ability to access, modify, erase all or part of your data. You also have the ability to port your data. If you have any question regarding GDPR, we suggest that you consult your local Data Protection Authority, or by default the French CNIL.
How to report a bug or ask a question or suggest an improvement?
Thanks for taking the time to provide a feedback. It helps us to improve PDA.
1 - Click on the upper right corner PDA icon on your browser
2 - Click on your Surname
3 - Select Feedback
4 - Select Bug
5 - Enter a description
6 - Click “SEND A MESSAGE” to send your feedback straight to Privowny